Grenfell Projects Fund

Thank you to everyone who has submitted expressions of interest for the Grenfell Projects Fund, which is now closed. We’ve received over 100 submissions for grant funding from individuals and organisations, which we are busy reviewing.

Local organisations, residents’ associations and new and existing groups in the Grenfell affected area were able to bid for grants to deliver priority projects that contribute to the ongoing recovery of local communities.

The Grenfell Projects Fund is the new grants programme is making £600k available for this year (2019/20) to support communities affected by the Grenfell tragedy.

Earlier this year we went out to speak to residents and organisations about what outcomes and changes they’d like to see the Grenfell Projects Fund achieve in the local area. This followed the Stronger Communities conversations last year where the community identified their top priorities.

The community told us that they would like projects and initiatives to fall within one of the following six categories:

  • Wellbeing for children, young people or adults
  • Educational opportunities to increase skills, knowledge, enterprise and qualifications
  • Social and cultural events that bring communities together and provide information to increase connections across the community including initiatives to reduce isolation for older people
  • Community safety that increases the safety of everyone
  • Activities for young people
  • Food growing/greening and food-based activities that increase communities coming together and enhances the local environment

How much money is available and who can apply

  • Up to £10k is available for existing tenant and resident associations (who are formally constituted and actively engaged with residents)
  • Up to £10k is available for new collectives who are not formally constituted but have the support of an existing organisation who will support the delivery, monitoring and evaluation of projects
  • Up to £50k is available for new and existing organisations who have operated for less than three years and are formally constituted
  • Over £50k is availabe for existing organisations who have been formally constituted for more than three years with five full time members of staff or more 

There is £100k available for each of the six categories. Organisations can submit a maximum of two bids as long as they do not exceed the total amount they are eligible to apply for (see bullet pointed list). Groups seeking more than £50k can submit one bid only.

How to register for Decision Day

**Due to the pre-election period, the Decision Day has been postponed from Saturday 16 November 2019 and will be held after the General Election.** The rearranged Decision Day, where the community will decide which projects are awarded the grants will be held on Saturday 11 January from 10am to 4.30pm at Kensington Aldridge Academy, 1 Silchester Road, W10 6EX. Lunch will be provided.

**Registration for the Decision Day is now open**  If you have not yet registered and wish to do so, please visit our Eventbrite page to book your place.  You will have the chance to decide which projects you want to see delivered in your community. Residents who live in north Kensington Wards are eligible to register to take part. You can register to attend if you live in Notting Dale, Norland, Golborne, St Helens, Colville, Pembridge and Dalgarno Wards. Only one registration per person.

To register to attend the event you must complete the Eventbrite registration form and you must show proof of address and identification. This is required to make sure that the event is attended by the communities most affected by the tragedy.

Proof of address and identification must be shown before the Decision Day event. You can attend the following sessions to show your identification and address and get help to register your attendance at the Decision Day:​​​

  • Friday 6 December 2019 10am to 2pm at Dalgarno Trust, Dalgarno Way, W10 5LE
  • Wednesday 11 December 2019 3pm to 7pm at The Curve Community Centre, 10 Bard Road, W10 6TP
  • Sunday 15 December 2019 12pm to 3pm at The Curve Community Centre, 10 Bard Road, W10 6TP
  • Monday 16 December 2019 1pm to 6pm at Kensal Library, 20 Golborne Rd, London W10 5PF
  • Tuesday 17 December 2019 10am to 5pm at Dalgarno Trust, Dalgarno Way, London W10 5LE
  • Wednesday 18 December 2019 4pm to 7pm at Kensington Leisure Centre in the café area, Silchester Rd, Kensington, W10 6EX
  • Friday 20 December 2019 10am to 5pm at The Tabernacle, 34-35 Powis Square, Notting Hill, London W11 2A
  • Saturday 21 December 2019 10am to 1pm at Kensal Library, 20 Golborne Rd, London, W10 5PF

Confirmation of attendance will be sent to eligible registrations after proof of address and identification has been shown. Initial registration will not guarantee your attendance until proof of address and identification is seen.

If you’d like more information, please email

Please read the Guidance Notes which will help you to complete the Expression of Interest for your project.

Grenfell Projects Fund Guidance Notes [PDF] (file size 119.71 KB)

What we already fund

The Council already provides over £2m of grant funding each year through the Corporate Services Grant.  We fund voluntary and community sector organisations to deliver vital support in communities across the borough. The support we fund includes employment, information, advice and guidance, financial advice, youth projects, community activities and arts and culture activities.

We also provide grant funding to make sure expert capacity building is available to develop existing and new community organisations. In addition to this we provide staffing and other core costs to ensure that residents in the borough have access to expert advice and guidance on things like housing benefit, employment and other legal matters.

We also fund projects through community engagement activities with local residents. Ward councillors identify needs, key community issues and local goals through the City Living Local Life initiative. Councillors can support projects up to £20k per year.  So far north Kensington councillors have awarded £17,249.55 to local projects.