Grenfell Early Years Consultation

Grenfell Early Years Consultation - A community asset

A new home for Grenfell Early Years

Lancaster West Refurbishment

The Council has promised to refurbish the estate. The promise is to do this 'sensitively', 'collaboratively' and to create a 'model estate for the 21st century.'

A key principle states that the refurbishment will improve local services so that they are of a high quality.

Creating a 21st century nursery on the estate will help greatly with the overall recovery and refurbishment of Lancaster West, and the vision to create a model estate for the 21st century.

Lancaster West Children’s Community Network

Lancaster West Children’s Community Network (LWCCN) provides a wide range of services for families with young children in the local community. Our services support and enhances their parenting and enables them to improve their quality of life.

In addition to the nursery and drop-in services LWCCN offer many other services in the local area. They include running the Little Wormwood Scrubs Playhut and a range of services for local schools.

If we find a new home on the estate we could offer more activities like:

  • Lego Clubs and other activities
  • Visits to the seaside
  • Collaborating with other services
  • EYFS Framework training and classes for parents
  • Forest school


Last updated: 10 July 2020