Grenfell Early Years Consultation

Grenfell Early Years Consultation - Next steps

A new home for Grenfell Early Years

Nursery consultation 

June to August 2020

In June and early July 2020, we met with the Residents’ Association to update them on the nursery’s future plans. During July and August 2020 we will consult with the block representatives for Lower Clarendon Walk and other neighbouring blocks, and with all residents on the estate. It is important that all residents are updated about the nursery’s future plans and offered the opportunity to share their ideas with the team.

Once this feedback has been gathered in July of this year, further design work will be undertaken, with the intention to submit a planning application to the Local Planning Authority in Summer 2020. The team’s target for construction work on site is Spring 2021 onwards, with work expected to take approximately 6 months.

Proposed refurbishment timeline


Overview of the LWE refurbishment

Stage 1: Pre-Design (up to October 2019)

This stage involves drawing up a number of window pilot properties
for residents to view, holding a number of consultation workshops, and
appointing a Technical Team to commence the design stage.

Stage 2: Detailed Design (November 2019 – June 2020)

This stage involves the commencement of surveys and the creation of
specifications that identify the works for tender. 

Stage 3: Tender stage (July 2020 – January 2021)

Once the works are fully designed and specified, tender documents are
prepared and sent to tender. Residents will be involved in the contractor
selection process to appoint a main contractor.

Stage 4: Construction phase (February 2021 onwards)

This is the on site stage where the contractors have been appointed and
preparations with residents to carry out the works are made. The works will
be divided into 4 schemes across the estate.

Stage 5: Handover and completion

This is the completion of the works and handover to the client.


Last updated: 10 July 2020