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Grenfell Early Years Consultation - The Ilys Booker Centre

A new home for Grenfell Early Years

The Ilys Booker Centre

Why relocate here?

Grenfell nursery has been temporarily accommodated in the Ilys Booker Centre on Lower Clarendon Walk following the tragedy.

As an integral part of the Lancaster West community, it was felt important to keep the new building within the estate itself.

A number of feasibility studies were undertaken to explore the potential of different sites to accommodate a new nursery building.

Over the past couple of years we have undertaken a series of robust processes to assess all the various options and different sites to accommodate a new nursery building. This included a thorough investigation last summer of the North Kensington Resource Centre as a potential site. However, during consultation with the residents of the Walkways we listened to their concerns about locating the nursery there and their renewed need to return the space to the Residents’ Association.

We have therefore returned to the Ilys Booker Centre to provide a permanent home for the nursery. The Centre is in need of improvements in order to provide the high quality facilities that the children deserve. This will include a small single story extension to the front. 

The proposed provision of high quality facilities for Grenfell nursery is part of a wider need to provide enhanced childcare provision across the Lancaster West estate. This will include a new building for Lancaster West Children’s Community Network’s drop-in service.

Other sites explored

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A number of sites were explored. After considering three main options and listening to local residents' feedback, the Ilys Booker Centre was thought to offer the best opportunity to provide the nursery with a permanent home. 

Ilys Booker Centre site

Grenfell Nursery Site

Ilys Booker Centre

Grenfell Nursery
Ilys Booker Centre
Grenfell Nursery


Last updated: 10 July 2020