Managing the risk of flooding – strategy and evidence

The Council is the Lead Local Flood Authority for the Borough and takes the lead managing local flood risks such as flash flooding and ground water flooding.

The Council cooperates with other organisations that have the lead responsibility for managing other sources, such as the Environment Agency for the River Thames and Thames Water for sewer flooding.

Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

A revised Local Flood Risk Management Strategy has been adopted by the Council. Our Strategy sets the direction for managing the risk of flooding up to 2030 and is aimed at:

  • residents
  • businesses
  • other members of the public
  • flood risk management authorities

The strategy sets out the roles and responsibilities of flood risk management partners along with the Council’s responsibilities. It has an action plan to deliver 12 objectives to meet the 4 key aims:

  • Empower and support communities at highest risk of flooding to increase their resilience to flooding.
  • Create adaptive places that can respond to the impacts of extreme weather and contribute to the overall reduction in flood risk.
  • Work in collaboration across the Council, with other responsible authorities and with community groups and residents to collectively manage the risk of flooding.
  • Monitor the evidence associated with flooding in a transparent way and review progress against the actions over the lifetime of the strategy.



Equalities Impact Assessment

The Strategy and Action Plan will be reviewed annually, with any modifications summarised in an Annual Monitoring Report.

A visual summary of the Strategy and its associated maps is provided in a StoryMap.

Additional information about flooding in the Borough

The Council holds a portfolio of evidence that provides additional information about the risk of flooding in the Borough. This includes:

Surface Water Management Plan

This assesses the risk of flash flooding in detail and defines Critical Drainage Areas in the Borough where there is an increased risk of flooding during extreme rainfall.

See the Surface Water Management Plan 

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

This defines the risk of flooding from all sources to inform the allocation of development sites.

See the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment.

Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment

A high level screening exercise that compiles information on significant local flood risk from past and future floods (2011) and review in 2018.


London Regional Flood Risk Appraisal

Overview of the different types of flood risk in London and provides a spatial analysis of tidal, fluvial and surface water flood risk against major development locations, key infrastructure assets and services.

See the London Regional Flood Risk Appraisal.

Thames Flood Risk Management Plan

A review of the risk of flooding over the Thames basin.

See the Thames Flood Risk Management Plan.

Last updated: 9 May 2024