Grenfell Recovery Fund

In January 2019, the Leadership Team committed £50m of revenue funding to support the delivery of the Grenfell Recovery Strategy. The £50m agreed for recovery services covers the five-year period, from 2019/20 to 2023/24.

The breakdown below shows how the money has been allocated over this period: 

  • 2019/20 - £12m
  • 2020/21 - £12m
  • 2021/22 - £10m
  • 2022/23 - £8m
  • 2023/24 - £8m
  • Total £50m

£12m is committed to fund recovery services for bereaved and survivors and the wider community in 2020/21.

The budget for services for bereaved and survivors includes funding for:

  • The Dedicated Service, which provides wraparound, personalised support for bereaved and survivors.
  • Housing support, including a dedicated Housing team to support those who have not yet moved into permanent accommodation and housing management services for those who are in their new homes.
  • Accommodation costs for those who remain in temporary and emergency accommodation.
  • Support for delivering this activity, including complaints and monitoring.

The budget for the local community includes funding for:

The budget also includes the costs of a small core team to oversee the programme.

We continue to work with bereaved and survivors and the wider community on longer-term plans to ensure the sustainability of services in the long term.

The breakdown of the 2020-21 budget is as follows: 

Bereaved and survivors

  • Dedicated service - £4.5m
  • Dedicated Housing and Housing Management support for survivors - £0.7m
  • Temporary Accommodation for survivors - £0.55m
  • Support costs (including complaints and monitoring) - £0.3m
  • Total (£6.05m)

Local community 

  • Commissioned support services - £1.55m
  • Malton Road hub - £0.3m
  • Community programme (including the Grenfell Projects Fund, Community Leadership Programme and Community Engagement) - £1.4m
  • The Curve Community Centre - £1.3m
  • Housing support - £0.2m
  • Temporary Accommodation for Wider Grenfell households - £0.45m
  • Support costs (including complaints and monitoring) - £0.45m
  • Total (£5.65m)

Core costs

  • Core team - £0.3m
  • Total £12m