Progress on Grenfell Recovery Strategy

Grenfell Recovery Strategy update from the Council

Recently the Council’s Leadership Team agreed on a resourcing framework on Wednesday 9 December 2020. This sets out the plans for the next three years of the Grenfell Recovery programme (from April 2021 to March 2024). Please visit our RBKC committees page to read the full Leadership Team report.

We have produced a draft summary version of the report Draft Grenfell Recovery Community Update. We welcome feedback before we circulate more in the New Year.

Draft Grenfell Recovery Community Update

We want to ensure that:

  • the remaining funding has maximum impact for residents
  • that our approach to the next phase is as open and collaborative as possible
  • and that we are clear about what we are trying to achieve together with our communities.

This report is the start of wider engagement with our partners and our communities and there will be lots of opportunities for people to get involved across the programme. Please get in touch if interested in finding out more or providing feedback on the Draft Grenfell Recovery Community Update, please email


Grenfell Recovery Strategy

The Grenfell Recovery Strategy was agreed in January 2019 and sets out the Council’s plans to support a community-led recovery for the bereaved, survivors and the local community.

It commits £50m over five years to deliver a number of services and initiatives to ensure that residents have the support, skills, and new opportunities they need to help their recovery.

The strategy has the following key elements which the Council is now delivering:

It has been shaped by national and international evidence on disaster recovery and the wide range of engagement activity which has taken place since the tragedy.

The strategy sits alongside the recovery efforts of a wide range of partners, including the NHS, the Government, schools and local employers, local voluntary and community organisations and, most importantly, residents themselves.

The NHS has committed £50m and developed its own strategy to support recovery. Read more about it on the NHS website.

Alongside the Recovery Strategy, the Council’s Public Health team is leading work to monitor the health of bereaved and survivors, first responders and the local community.

In addition to targeted support for the bereaved, survivors and those affected in the local community, the Council is delivering a range initiatives to support the broader recovery through e very day services and to change the way we work with our communities. This includes a new Economy Strategy, Live Work and Learn, consultation on a draft Housing Strategy and a new People Strategy. 

The commitments made in the Grenfell Recovery Strategy are now well underway and are being delivered. Good progress is being made by working closely together with residents and partners.

Read the Grenfell Recovery Strategy and summary.

Grenfell Recovery Strategy

Grenfell Recovery Strategy and Summary