Grenfell Recovery Strategy


In January 2019, the Council agreed a Grenfell Recovery Strategy, which set out our plans to support long-term recovery for the bereaved, survivors and the local community.

The Council committed £50m to support the strategy over 5 years (from 2019/20 to 2023/24). We agreed to provide:

  • A Dedicated Service for the bereaved and survivors and ongoing housing support for survivors who had lost their homes;
  • Ongoing targeted support to residents from the local community, including direct support for individuals and families and commissioned emotional health and wellbeing services in schools and community-based settings (Emotional health and well-being services for adults, and children and young people)
  • A Grenfell Community Programme for the local area focused on supporting community-led recovery, building community capacity and giving communities a greater voice in addressing key local priorities.(Community Leadership programme, Grenfell Projects Fund, The Curve community centre)

You can read more about the Grenfell Recovery Strategy and about the funding.

Grenfell Recovery Resourcing Framework

In December 2020, the Council’s Leadership Team agreed a Grenfell Recovery Resourcing Framework. Building on the original strategy, this set out our plans to work with bereaved and survivors, residents and community partners to shape the remaining three years of the Grenfell Recovery programme (from April 2021 to March 2024).

In the Resourcing Framework we committed to:

  • Increasing community involvement in the Recovery programme, renewing our commitment to community-led recovery;
  • Improving the reach and impact of Grenfell Recovery initiatives, ensuring they are as inclusive as possible;
  • Working with the community to ensure that we can establish a long-term sustainable legacy from the Grenfell tragedy that is meaningful to local people.
Progress to date

So far this year, we have heard over 600 views from local people, who told us what they thought of existing Grenfell Recovery services and what they want to see in the future.

  • On the basis of what we heard, we are making a wide range of changes to existing services (Community Leadership Programmes, Grenfell Projects Fund, emotional health and well-being services for adults, and children and young people).
  • We are working with the community to design new initiatives (a North Kensington Inclusions pilot to help tackle school exclusions and a Housing Legacy fund to support long term legacy initiatives for those living in council properties in Notting Dale).

In Autumn 2021, we will be publishing our first impact report, which will give a view of the impact that the programme has had to date.

You can read a summary of the feedback and the proposed changes in the update below.

If you want to find out more about the Recovery programme, you can email:

For more information about Grenfell Recovery Resourcing Framework, please read below the community update we have produced.


Grenfell Recovery Strategy

The Grenfell Recovery Strategy was agreed in January 2019 and sets out the Council’s plans to support a community-led recovery for the bereaved, survivors and the local community.

It commits £50m over five years to deliver a number of services and initiatives to ensure that residents have the support, skills, and new opportunities they need to help their recovery. This includes dedicated support for bereaved and survivors and support to the wider community, including targeted emotional health and wellbeing services and initiatives to build on community capacity.

The strategy was shaped by national and international evidence on disaster recovery and the wide range of engagement activity which has taken place since the tragedy.

The strategy sits alongside the recovery efforts of a wide range of partners, including the NHS, the Government, schools and local employers, local voluntary and community organisations and, most importantly, residents themselves.

The NHS has committed £50m and developed its own strategy to support recovery. Read more about it on the NHS website.

Alongside the Recovery Strategy, the Council’s Public Health team is leading work to monitor the health of bereaved and survivors, first responders and the local community.

In addition to targeted support for the bereaved, survivors and those affected in the local community, the Council is delivering a range of initiatives to support the broader recovery through every day services and to change the way we work with our communities. This includes a new Economy Strategy, Live Work and Learn, a Housing Strategy and a new People Strategy. 

Below you can find the Grenfell Recovery Strategy and summary.

Last updated: 13 August 2021