Kensal Canalside Opportunity Area

Kensal Canalside is a site in the north of the borough that has been selected as one of London’s 38 Opportunity Areas within the London Plan and the Council’s Local Plan. This means it is an area for growth that has the potential to bring at least 3,500 new homes and 2,000 new jobs to the area. As such, the Council have set up a new project team within the planning department. The first stage of our work is to engage with the community and landowners to produce a guidance document for the site that gives more detail about how the site will be developed.  


We need your help

We need to understand how the existing community works, what’s good and bad and how we can integrate any new development into the existing area. We want to know your concerns, ideas and questions, so that we can incorporate them into the guidance.

We also want to keep you informed on progress and activities in relation to the project so you are kept up to date with what is happening where you live, work and shop.

To make sure that the local community have a voice in how this development gets delivered the team have set up a project specific website that allows you to view the timeline, answer polls specific to the site development and provide the team with feedback. For more information visit the give my view website. You can also email the team directly at [email protected] .

Last updated: 20 December 2022