North Ken News

Wednesday 1 January 2020

North Ken News is a monthly publication which is delivered to households in North Kensington. It was launched in direct response to residents' feedback for more information about what is happening in the local area. It covers seven wards:

  • Colville
  • Dalgarno
  • Golborne
  • Norland
  • Notting Dale
  • Pembridge
  • St Helen’s

The newsletter is very much shaped by content and ideas from the community and includes anything from news, features, events, local activities, courses, training and employment activities and lots more.

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We're always keen to hear from readers so please get in touch if:

  • you have an idea or suggestion for an article
  • you'd like to receive North Ken News via email
  • you live in one of the seven North Kensington wards and haven't received your copy
  • or if you have any other queries or comments. 

What does it cost to produce North Ken News?

The cost of producing North Ken News is around £7,800 per edition, including writing, editing, translation, design, printing, and distribution.

The total monthly costs are:

Writing and editing  - £1,250

Design -  £1,365

Printing - £2,494

Distribution - £1,993.88

Translation - £704

This works out at £0.26 per household.